Guildford Model Engineering Society

Garden Railway

Modelling narrow gauge railways at a scale of 16mm to the foot (or thereabouts)

Photo of club members using the 16mm permanent track

The 16mm group meets on Monday nights between 7:00 and 10:30pm, except on Bank Holidays.

Photo of club members using the 16mm portable track

A permanent outside layout is used whenever possible, supplemented by a portable layout in the clubhouse at other times. Track is mainly 32mm gauge with a circuit of 45mm gauge on both layouts. The group also operates on the club's Public Open Afternoons and at the Rally.

Visitors are welcome but should note that boilers having a capacity above 3 bar-litres will require to have a valid boiler certificate and if below must have proof of a pressure gauge and safety valve check within the past two years. For further information please contact Adrian Rogers, Chris Webster 01483 476657 or Graham White 01252 861831.

The group is also the local area group for the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers.

This guide to the GMES portable layout "Mwch Grumblyn" is primarily for exhibition managers.