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17 Sep 2019 Loco for sale Super Simplex for sale. Completed in 2006 by Peter Christmas. 5” gauge Super Simplex 0-6-2T with Western Steam boiler.
Plans, instructions and records of build from Martin Evans 1989 ‘Model Engineer’ series.
Boiler Declaration of Conformity certificate dated 6/7/2006.
Last pressure test certificate 3/9/2015.
Photo 1
Photo 2
John Christmas
Frimley Green
19 Oct 2018 Loco for sale 5” Gauge Extended SIMPLEX 0-6-2
Built in 1989 on commission for the current owner by the late Jeff Morris, esteemed member of GMES, with a Morewoods boiler. Cab extended to facilitate driver training more readily. Midlands red with boiler feed by an injector and axle pump with mechanical lubricator under smokebox door. Traditional style reverser. Good reliable runner, won the Guildford Model Engineering Society Streeter Cup for passenger hauling in 1990. Not used for a long time due to various personal and health reasons and only selling now to move onto smaller modelling. Current Southern Association steam and hydraulic certificates, passed in early October 2018. £3,750
Photo 1
Photo 2
Call Jan or Dave Glasscock on 07966 232397 for more information
19 Oct 2018 Loco for sale 5” Gauge Martin Evans 0-6-0 SIMPLEX
Built by current owner with a Blackgates boiler. Southern Green with boiler feed by 2 injectors and axle pump with mechanical lubricator on front right running boards. Good reliable runner, not used for some time due to health problems and only selling to move onto smaller modelling. Current Southern Association steam and hydraulic certificates, passed at end September 2018. £3,875
Call Dave Glasscock on 07966 232397 for more information.
19 Oct 2018 Lost wax casting kit for sale Tiranti lost wax casting kit.
I have used this kit to make a number of small bronze castings for my traction engine,
The kit comprises the following items:
small square furnace, and covering dome, made of ceramic fibre
Mould for wax patterns for crucibles
Steel stand for wax melt-out
Clamp for holding the propane burner up to the furnace
two sets of tongs, for lifting the dome and for turning the mould
a pair of thick leather gauntlets
a safety face shield
a quantity (2 kg) of ceramic investment powder
a couple of blocks of wax
instruction manual
To use the kit, you will need in addition, some liquid to make the investment slurry, I think this is sodium silicate, and a large propane torch. Plus some bronze, and pieces of carbon. The liquid can be obtained from commercial bronze foundries who will probably give you a couple of litres free.
Paul Horth
0208 946 8230